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What Gives? 13 Reasons Why Your Neighbor (Seems to) Have a Lower Electricity Rate

When business owners talk to each other about their electricity bills, they can come away wondering if they got the best rate. How can they be sure?

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How Trust Can (really!) Get You a Better Electricity Rate.

Fear in the electricity marketplace has caused a need for some best practices to emerge for procuring power. Read how the professionals do it.

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Not all Electricity and Natural Gas Suppliers are Money Grubbing Jerks.

Finding electricity suppliers in your area that you can trust can be daunting. Customers deserve a great rate with a reputable supplier. We know who they are.

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With So Many Choices, I Choose... none. Find an Electricity Plan in the Muck.

Consumers want apples to apples comparisons for an electricity rate, but come away empty handed in a sea of choices. Shop My Power can help.

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